It combines its production infrastructure developedby making the most innovative and technologicinvestments in the sector ever since its incorporation, with its continuously-increased product and service quality, and implements many projects as the desiredsolution partner. It aims to create an environment thattriggers continuous development through innovationculture that aims to go beyond the future expectationsin the markets involved. Trusting the passion, information and competencies of our own people, KARVA placed R&D activities and innovationculture in the factory ( Kayseri ) of its developmentand competition strategies.

Innovation Culture at KARVA consists of 4 parts: Lifelong Learning, Idea and Project Management, Cooperation Management and Intellectual Asset Management.

R&D Strategy, which is determined by the vision of being technical authority in the fields of activity, is based on innovative and process excellence. It is supported by our innovation culture, national andinternational technology network cooperation and ourproject management conducted.