Your Solution Partner in Plastic and Thermoforming

Karva is one of the leading manufacturers of extruded polymer plastic sheets and also a solution partner in the fields of Medical/ Furniture/ Household Appliances/ Agriculture/ Construction Equipment/ Cooling/ Automotive/ Sanitary Gadgets and Advertisement industries with high-quality products since 2014.

We are assiduously working to be the leader in our sector on the national scale in our factory which is located in Kayseri Industrial Zone with an area of 17.000 m2 and 15.000 MT/Year capacity of Plastic Sheet and Thermoforming Parts production.

By following the developing technology; our high-tech machinery, equipment, and experienced team of engineers enable us to maximize the quality of our products with the aim of being a brand on national and international scales.

Karva successfully meets all demands consisting of ABS, POLYSTYRENE, ASA, ACRYLIC, POLYCARBONATE, HIGH-GLOSS ACRYLIC, and COEX INDUSTRIAL Sheets.

By the way, industrial plastic sheets are produced from 0.5-8 mm thickness/max.2150 mm width in every size, color, texture, and design.

We create added value by contributing to the national and world economy with thermoforming according to the using area.

We are well aware of our product quality as well as the value-added to our products by our quality.

Furthermore, we are able to offer a variety of product options to our partners by implementing UV, antibacterial, antimicrobial, flame retardant polymer stabilizers in line with international standards.

Our greatest source of motivation is to be able to produce intermediate products in many sectors such as health, household appliances, construction, automotive, furniture, agriculture, construction equipment as well as advertising industries.

With the help of our R&D and P&D departments, in line with our solution partners’ petitions, we design promptly the required parts with low cost as aluminum, polyester, or wooden thermoforming.

Our age is the age of knowledge…, overall it is of vital importance to be aware of what we are producing and by following all the current developments in our field.

We provide high standard and quality service to maximize our client’s satisfaction. In line with the innovative realities of our age, with our solution-oriented identity, we work so hard to please our partner’s needs in the best way possible.

Everything is for a better, livable world….

We are Growing Fast with Our Strong Team, Big Customers and New Investments