KARVA PMMA/ABS Sanitary Sheets are a competitive solution to suit bathtubs, shower trays and panels makers alike. With a glossy co extruded layer of acrylic on a medium impact ABS, this product combines very good surface quality with rigidity . Widely appreciated by Sanitary industry, this product is Karva’s bestseller.

Providing a notable advantage thanks to its high-quality rightly priced, this product offers long lasting stable mechanical characteristics, UV stability and good stres cracking resistance, beside that Karva’s PMMA/ABS or/and PMMA/ABS/PMMA sheets have resistance to most of chemicals and cleaning, Acrylic surfaces are specular and durable, it provides long life ,easy care and hygenic requirements for bathtubs.

One side is protected by thermoformable clear PE film, allowing safer handling during the complete manufacturing cycle , within the industry standart operating temperatures, these sheets are also available with C55 treatment (corona treatment) Our wide range sizes and thickness options will give customers more choices,we are satisfying our customers with quality sheets, innovative colors, textures and designs.

KARVA Extruded Acrylic Sheets contains % 100 acrylic and produced by extrusion method. Mainly preferred in big sizes jacuzzi and bathtub productions.
• High Impact
• 100% Acrylic
• High performance even in big-sized Jacuzzis


PMMA (Acrylic) Extruded Sheets


ABS/PMMA sheets are economical solutions for manufacturing shower trays and cabinet panel. Their resistance to scratching and chemicals, combined with their glossy surface make our materials particularly suitable for this industry. • We recommend using 3L (PMMA/ABS/PMMA) for bathtub and shower trays, 2L (PMMA/ABS) sheets for panels.